Anglers can keep hatchery steelhead on the lower Kalama River




Action: WDFW Re-opens the lower Kalama River to retention of hatchery steelhead.

Effective dates: Immediately.

Species affected: Steelhead.

Locations: The Kalama River from the boundary markers at the mouth to 1,000 feet below the fishway at the upper salmon hatchery.

Reason for action: The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife closed steelhead retention on the lower Kalama River in early April due to limited numbers of fish returning to hatchery facilities that are needed to meet egg production goals.  During this time, hatchery facilities on the Kalama River were able to collect additional broodstock and are projected to meet egg collection goals for hatchery winter steelhead programs.

Other information: The daily steelhead limit is 3 hatchery fish; mandatory retention of hatchery steelhead in effect through June 30. Retention of hatchery spring chinook remains open, with a daily limit of 6 fish, no more than 2 adults.

Check the sportfishing rules pamphlet at for more information on the fishery.





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